Abby Boette Baker

 Strategic Research & Consulting Services


Ethnographic Audit

Tailor-made ethnographic (in context) research ranging from one full day to one year. 

This is perfect if you're thinking about...

  • New market ventures
  • Groundbreaking product inspiration
  • Creative development of print, TV, or digital ads 
  • Internal innovation around workflow and processes

Phone Consult

Targeted phone interviews with both loyal and potential customers.

This is perfect if...

  • You're a new business with a tight budget
  • You want to "gut check" recent research findings (from a few years ago or less, depending on your industry) rather than redo an entire study 
  • You're looking for more verbal rather than behavioral insights (i.e. inspiration for ads rather than product development)

B2B Collaboration

I love collaborating with other independent consultants or small, like-minded firms.

Contact me if you're looking for an extra hand on a complex project.



Deliverables include all audio and/or video recordings of interviews and observation, photographs (from ethnographic research), a story-driven written and visual report with embedded video clips highlighting strategic insights & opportunity areas, and an in-person presentation upon request.

Deliverables can be simplified or expanded.

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