Big List of Future Ideas


When I was a kid I wanted to be an inventor. I was always working on "projects" both in and out of school - making collages, crafting (not so great) sculptures, writing short stories on our Macintosh 1990 and then Windows 95, testing our lawn for acid rain remnants, spearheading our class constitution write-up... 

Later, in college, I created a folder on my desktop titled "Big List of Future Ideas" which mostly consisted of a word document with all sorts of ideas for how I wanted to spend my time in the future and what I wanted to accomplish. In the spirit of continuing that type of big-picture thinking, I'm going to start a once-a-month "Big List of Future Ideas" blog post that I'll use as a place to share all sorts of ideas for products or services or businesses or social-issue related thoughts.

Big List of Future Ideas, June 2016:

- an "anti-spa" wellness center called "release." the idea here is that spas are always so sterile, unaffordable, and kinda stuffy. "release" would be a place where people could release their anger, resentment, anxiety, etc. by swinging at punching bags, running staircases, singing, screaming, etc. ideally, the center would have 7 floors to correspond with the 7 chakras and have a winding staircase up the middle (to emulate the human spine). each floor would be themed around that chakra with scents, colors, and suggested exercises or affirmations or meditations for that chakra. people could come and visit just one floor or spend the day spiraling up from the bottom to the top. the center would have either sliding scale rates or "open hours" that would be heavily discounted.

- an empathy swap, a la house swap but more like a life swap. similar to the film "the holiday," though hopefully not as cheesy, this would allow people to immerse themselves in another person's life, ideally someone with a very different background and material reality. of course you can never really really know what it's like to be someone else, but I think living as someone else lives, as much as possible, really does allow you to see life through their eyes just a bit more. in order to reign this in and make it work, maybe it would have to just be a one-week career swap. not too much damage can be done in a week, right?? 

- "repeat it back to me" button for email-writers, professional writers, and social-media addicts. this would be an "add-on" similar to an add-on you can use for chrome where a voice of your choosing (siri-esque, perhaps... maybe a collaboration!) could read back what you've written/typed. I think this would serve a few different purposes for a few different types of users: 1) if you're writing an important or long email, it would allow you to hear what you're saying, reduce the amount of typos, and gain a deeper understanding about how you're coming off. 2) for writers, this could help with initial feedback by hearing your story read aloud in a voice other than your own. I think it would help with grammar and typos as much as with content. 3) in the era of social media and quick-tempered responses, a "repeat it back to me" button may give us all a bit more space to pause and reflect before writing snarky responses that we would never dream of saying in person. 

thought? back next month!


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