Big List of Future Ideas 2

So, it's definitely been longer than one month... I got side-tracked with a move, a vacation, and lots of work projects. But I'm back! Here's October's list:

- 'real world' think tank: a 2-year co-op living situation/think tank with people of all different ages, backgrounds, viewpoints, etc. this set-up really would be a bit like the MTV show "real world," but with a purpose. participants would be tasked with brainstorming solutions to real-world problems (e.g. climate change, everyday racism and sexism...) the issues that groups would try to problem-solve could either be pre-assigned or brainstormed throughout the first year of the "program." there would be several of these groups happening at the same time throughout the country (or even world, eventually). the idea here is that 1) I think tough problems are more easily solved using an interdisciplinary approach and 2) I think gaining empathy for others' experiences (as you would by living in close quarters with a diverse group of people) and undergoing personal transformation from that experience makes the world just as much of a better place as does big-picture thinking.

- take-your-moderator-to-work day: since it's an election year, I've been thinking a lot about moderating as I've watched the news and debates. also, my partner just started working as a public defender and interviews clients and witnesses on a regular basis. as a user/design/market researcher, I also interview people all the time, and in a variety of formats (ethnography, usability tests, focus groups, online groups...) while I do think certain styles and approaches of moderating are more appropriate for different industry's/purposes, I think anyone who is a moderator or interviewer could learn a thing or two by watching someone moderate or interview for a very different purpose than their own. this program/idea would bring together documentarians, lawyers, journalists, market researchers, anthropologists, and psychologists and have them shadow each other for a couple days at a time.