Abby Boette Baker


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Hello! My name is Abby. 

I have been working in applied research for almost 6 years, using the ethnographic method and therapeutic psychological techniques to help companies understand their customers and drive user-centered innovation. Past clients include several Fortune 500 companies from a wide-variety of industries such as CPG, healthcare, education, mass media, financial services, and telecommunications.

In addition to my love for research and consulting, I have had a lifelong passion for health and wellness. In order to formalize my passion, I completed a year-long program in Ayurvedic medicine and became certified as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor. I am also trained as as a Reiki practitioner, and have been practicing yoga and dancing for 15+ years.

In both my consulting and health work, I weave in my academic background in anthropology and gender and sexuality studies. I believe that better understanding ourselves, our coworkers, and our customers leads to greater health and happiness in daily life and business.

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